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I love festive and colorful weddings through which I get a chance to meet beautiful couples, their families and capture amazing memories for centuries to come. 

Holding my bucket list to visit the top national parks (4 so far!) in the US. Went to Hawaii for my honeymoon and I adore architecture and landscape. 

I am currently based out of Long Island, NY and there is no place like it. The mix of suburban life with a touch of the city life is just perfect. I love the outdoors, hiking, traveling, fitness and share a passion to learn new things. 

I found my partner in crime, best friend and someone who was just perfect for me back in 2018. We got married in Oct 2019, we had a festive Punjabi wedding with week long events and with more than 450+ people attending our reception party! Now that's a party!! 

I just love the atmosphere of weddings and people coming together to celebrate a new beginning of two souls. After all the planning and stress, the special day just goes so quick and being able to have those memories captured is timeless and invaluable for generations to come. 

I'm Satty!

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Love Indian food, always down for sushi and you can never go wrong with a chicken gyro. 

What's served for Dinner?

This beautiful girl from NYC, Prinkle, who is my best friend and brings out the best of me.

Love of my life


Traveling and hiking with my wife and playing slow pitch softball on Sundays. 

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Major sweet tooth for chocolate, coffee-lover, buying too many gym shorts and hats. Love those mango margaritas. 

guilty pleasure


Hawaii (Kauai, Maui, O'ahu), Bar Harbor (ME), Napa, Las Vegas, Clearwater, and more. Hope to visit Italy and Europe in 2022. 

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The emotions of the ceremony and the excitement of the first dance brings out the joy of the day. 

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Our clients  treasure small things in life, always planning their next trip, and share love for nature and adventure. 


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